Board of Directors

Position Name
ChairmanRadim Štolfa
Vice-ChairmanLudvík Saska
Jan Janda
Jiří Martinů
Jiří Pakosta

Meetings of the Board

Meetings happen at least once a semester, although usually, it’s more often. They are public so anyone can come and share their opinion. Meetings are the best chance to share your opinion because it’s the place where key topics involving the club and dorm take place. There is always information about the meetings on the fb page, but for those interested, they can be contacted separately – just contact us at

Records of the meetings

All records from meetings are to be found at our Google Drive

In case of any questions, you can contact individual section.


Do you have any project on your mind that you want to realize? As a  member of the club, you have a chance to get financial support for buying physical equipment.

Projects are financed from the Clubs budget. Every member has a chance to write up and defend their projects in front of the Board.

What do you need to do for that?

  1. Create a project
  2. Send to
  3. Wait for an invitation to the meeting where it will be part of the discussion program
  4. Be present at that meeting and represent your project

After the Board will discuss and vote for the approval of the project. If the project is approved you can buy the needed equipment and start with your realization.

Examples of acceptable projects: photography equipment, equipment for the gym, electric keyboard, etc.

4CZK fund

This fund is run by SÚZ ČVUT. From each paid accommodation fee is taken 4 CZK and added to this fund. To use this fund the bought equipment has to be usable by every accommated person at the dorm(not just members of the Club) and it’s above standard equipment(not shower curtains)

What do you need to do to use this fund?

  1. Fill out  the form from the SUZ wepage
  2. Get at least 3 offers from different companies and add them to that form
  3. Bring the form to the club chairman to check, sign and to plan future steps

If the offer will be accepted the SUZ will deliver and install  the equipment.

Examples of acceptable projects: projector, speakers for the clubroom, table tennis table, etc.

Projects at Google Drive

Legislation of the Club Buben

19. 10. 2016 Student parliament of the CTU Student union issued in to effect new charter of the Buben Club, which come into effect 1. 1. 2017.