Internet at the dormitory is mediated by the Buben club.

To get access to the internet and other benefits you need to be a member of the club first(see membership)

What to do if the internet is not working?

If there is something wrong with the internet connection, please be patient and follow our facebook page, where you will find the up to time information of the outages and the progress of the repairs.

If there is no information about the outage, check if the issue is not caused with your device. Eventually, contact IT department

Note: Internet is more stable and faster while using Ethernet cable.

Behavior on the network

The networks main purpose is for studying and for academic purposes.

Generally, it’s forbidden to use P2P programs(DC++, BitTorrent,…). If you and your colleagues will exchange data on the network (for any purpose), you mustn’t offer any works protected by the copyright law(audio, video…). Many programs(MS Windows, MS Office,  AutoCAD,..) and games are not for free. These products are protected by a license(it’s good to read those), which forbid their downloading, copying or even sharing with others. It’s also important to install an antivirus program and to turn on your firewall, which protects not only your data from computer viruses but also protects the network from  spreading such viruses.

Rules in full length are here.

For any questions during issues contact

For more information follow our facebook page


Name: Buben
Password: BUKwifiNET