How to become a member of the club?

You need to fill out this form Application for admission as a member of the Buben Club. You need to print out this form or get it at the reception.

Then write to  and plan a meeting with the concerned person.

Bring max 2 devices with you which you want to connect to the internet(Usually phone and laptop), filled form and ISIC/CTU card(Opencard/Lítačka are also accepted)
Registration usually takes 10 mins.

Internet will start working in 1 hour after the registration. After this, you will have a free 14 day trial of the membership. These 14 days serve as a time to pay your membership and to try out the club benefits(gym, study room, etc.). We recommend paying as soon as possible since the payment can take up to 3 days to process.

  • 200 CZK – club membership
  • 800 CZK – club membership + internet
  • 1200 CZK – club membership + internet + access to the gym Plus navíc v orignále
  • Number of the bank account: 99913060/2010
  • Variable symbol: You will receive this in your registration email
  • Note for the recipient: “First and Last Name”
  • You will receive variable symbol and additional information in your email, please check your SPAM inbox.

The payment is only possible to do by a bank transfer. If you don’t have an account or only have foreign one go to  a bank and personally fill in the transfer information.

You will receive an email(Check SPAM inbox too) confirming the payment and change of the status as a member of the club. If the internet is not working after 3 or more days after you paid – contact registrar.

Membership is only valid for one semester!

Winter semester – valid until 1st March(Money sent during February counts for the next semester)

Summer semester – valid until 1st October(Money sent in September counts for the next semester)