Position Name E-mail
Zuzana Václavíková zuzana.vaclavikova@buk.cvut.cz

Before printing, you need to charge your credit and install controller for the printer.
Charging the credits is possible Monday-Thursday 20-22 at the Printer Administrator.

Printing is only possible from the dorm network.

Web interface: http://tiskarna.buk.cvut.cz:8080

The web interface doesn’t work on Google chrome.

Printer pricing:

 Black and white
A4   1,00 Kč 2,00 Kč
A3   2,00 Kč 4,00 Kč

Reporting issues:

  1. Make sure to go  through previous steps
    1. Send email to  zuzana.vaclavikova@buk.cvut.cz  with:
      1. subject: TISKARNA BUK
      1. your login to the printer
      1. the time when the issue occurred
      1. a detailed description of the issue
      1. your operating system
      1. if it was for the first time or if it’s happening constantly
      1. photo or screenshot if there is something deductable

Linux installation

  1. Download PPD file for the printer
  2. Replace bubenuser for your printer login (in vim for example: :%s/bubenuser/login/g)
  3. Open the CUPS configuration (usually  http://localhost:631)
  4. Administration à Add printer
  5. Select “LPD/LPR Host or Printer”
  6. Into Connections fill in  lpd://tiskarna.buk.cvut.cz/print
  7. Name, Description for example: buben, kolejní tiskárna, studovna
  8. Don’t select the manufacturer just enter the exact downloaded PPD  file
  9. in “Printer Modes DC” fill in 12345
  10. in “Private Document Password” set your password
  11. Restart CUPS (/etc/init.d/cups restart)
  12. You can print (Error logs in /var/log/cups/error_log)

Windows installation

For installation in Windows write an email to the administrator and plan a time for the installation.