What to do when the Internet is down?

If there is something wrong with the connection, please be patient and keep an eye on our Facebook site, where you will find fresh information on the reasons of the shortage and on how the repair is going.
In case that there is no information available, check whether the problem isn’t on your device.

How to become a member

First of all you need to fill out the Membership Application form. Print this form out or get one at the reception desk, alternatively you can find some near the registrars’ doors.

Make an appointment with one of the registrars via e-mail or in person (in that registrar’s preferred hours). Bring no more than two devices that you want connected to the Internet (usually a laptop and your phone), as well as the filled-out form and your ISIC/CTU/OpenCard/Lítačka card, if you have one. The registration won’t take longer than 10 minutes.

Name Room Email Preferred way of communication or visit time
Václaviková Zuzana 212 zuzana.vaclavikova@buk.cvut.cz email
Šimon Let simon.let@buk.cvut.cz email
Ondřej Vaněček 247 ondrej.vanecek@buk.cvut.cz 19:00-20:00
Ludvík Saska 150 ludvik.saska@buk.cvut.cz email
David Polák 128 davidp2004@gmail.com email
Petr Heřmánek 117 petr.hermanek@buk.cvut.cz email
Martin Čižmár 113 betacheer@gmail.com email
Jan Alexander 308 jan.alexander@buk.cvut.cz email

Your connection should start working within half an hour, that’s when your membership starts working fully – and for free – for the next 14 days. These two weeks are meant as a trial period, so you can try out all the perks that are a part of being a member, such as checking out the fully-equipped gym. It is also a time for you to decide whether you want to stay in the club; and if you do, to pay your membership fee. We recommend that you make the payment in the first 10 days, as it can take the bank as long as 3 days to process it.

  • 800 czk – membership
  • 1200 czk – membership + gym access
  • Account number: 99913060/2010
  • Variable symbol: your user ID (check your e-mail)
  • Note: Name, Surname
  • You’ll receive your variable symbol and more information via e-mail. Check your spam box!

It is only possible to make the payment with a transfer. If you do not have a Czech bank account, visit the bank personally and give the employee all the necessary information (account number, amount, variable symbol and note).
It is also an option for a member to pay via another person’s Czech bank account – if they are willing to make a payment with your information.
You can check the status of your payment in our IS (bookmark payments).

You’ll receive an e-mail (possibly in the spam box) confirming your payment and the change of your status to “member”. If your connection doesn’t work within 3 workdays after you made the payment, contact one of the registrars (step 2).

Follow our Facebook page for more information on the Internet and the events in our dormitory.

Note: The connection is more stable and faster if you use an Ethernet cable instead of Wi-Fi.

Rules of using the connection

  1. No torrents! Our provider is the CTU, who heavily enforce their rules concerning copyright and illegal torrent downloading on their network.
  2. It isn’t allowed to distribute the network using your own routers.
  3. You cannot connect more than two devices. Some members are allowed to have multiple devices as a reward for their work for the club.
  4. In case of violation of these rules you will be banned immediately (disconnected from the Internet for a period of time set by the club’s executive board).

Member validity

The membership is valid only for one semester!

During winter semester membership expires at 1 of March (any payments made in February are reckon for a summer semester)

During summer semester membership expires at 1 of October (any payments made in September are reckon for a winter semester)


SSID: 1st_floor – 4th_floor
PASS: testovaciprovoz